[Updated: October 28, 2020. This post was originally published on March 5, 2020.]

Did you know Dunedin, Florida is home to a wonderful art community? Since 1975, the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, located off Michigan Boulevard, has offered creative classes for all ages and exhibits from both local and nationally acclaimed artists. In the downtown area, art galleries are mixed in among the town’s restaurants and boutiques. The city’s bi-annual Arts and Crafts festivals draw visitors from all over the bay area. And when you’re walking around town, public artwork can be found around almost every corner.

With Spring in full swing now is the perfect time to explore. A mixture of murals, some old and some new, bring to life Dunedin’s eclectic culture and deliver the perfect backdrop to inspire residents and visitors to create their own art, in the form of photography.

So, whether you’re looking to get creative behind the lens to impress your Instagram followers or hoping to capture a special moment with your family, we know just the spot!

Here are 10 of Dunedin’s vibrant murals and where to find them:

1. The iconic “Welcome to Dogedin” Murals for Mutts – Main Street, Skip’s Bar

On the corner of Douglas Avenue and Main Street, you’ll find Skip’s Bar and the “Welcome to Dogedin” mural featuring hundreds of Dunedin’s beloved pets. If you’re an animal lover, this is a must-visit! Bring your pup along to make it an extra-special moment (In case you didn’t know: Dunedin is very pet-friendly).

This iconic mural is not only wonderful to look at, it serves a great cause. The pets on the wall are painted by local artist Anna Fields, who is also the co-founder of Murals for Mutts, a non-profit organization that raises money for animal welfare by painting pet portraits and pet murals in communities around the country. Isn’t that just the best idea?  We think so!

Image from Instagram @hollandthepup

2. Vintage Postcards in Weaver Park – Heading north from town on Alt 19

Heading north from downtown Dunedin on Alt 19, you’ll drive pass the Josiah Cephas Weaver Park. The park extends over Alt 19 with a waterfront portion on the left and parking, playground, work out area and pavilions on the right (also accessible from the Pinellas Trail). It’s the left or waterfront side, where you’ll find a series of post card style murals depicting a vintage Dunedin.

Weaver Park Post Card Murals from Instagram at plussizetraveltoo

Image from Instagram @plussizetraveltoo

3. The Octopus – Main Street, Pisces Sushi & Global Bistro 

A couple blocks north of Cafe Alfresco, on the corner of Main Street and Highland Avenue, is Pisces Sushi and Global Bistro. On the Highland Avenue side you’ll find a really fun and vibrant octopus mural. It’s contrasting colors of blue, red and yellow make this mural a popular spot for those hoping to capture some extra eye-balls on the ‘gram (aka Instagram).

Pisces Sushi in Dunedin Octopus Mural from Instagram at hairbyandiemae

Full view Image from Instagram @hairbyandiemae

4. The Classic Orange – Main Street, Blur Nightclub 

Can you guess the old train station’s (now the Dunedin History Museum) greatest export? Oranges. It’s hard to believe today but Dunedin used to be home to a thriving citrus industry. In the last 50 years, all that has changed but we still enjoy celebrating our citrus history, that’s why you’ll see oranges painted all over town! Most of the oranges are painted on private property and residential homes, but if you ever find yourself walking by Blur Nightclub (across the street from Cafe Alfresco), look down. On either side of their doors, you’ll find a set of oranges towards the ground. This handsome pup used them as background for a selfie.

Australian Shepherd posing next to Dunedin Oranges on the side of Blur Nightclub from instagram by meganfromflorida

Image from Instagram @meganfromflorida

5. The Lucky Lobster – Huntley Ave., Lucky Lobster Co. 

Nothing says funky, laid-back coastal town quite like a lobster mural. Located in the front of The Lucky Lobster restaurant, (slightly off the beaten path on Huntley Avenue and also accessible from the Pinellas Trail). We recommend being cautious when visiting this spot as cars do pass by this area. There is a small rock located just in front of the mural, which is a perfect place to snap a pic.

The Lucky Lobster Mural in Dunedin from Instagram at alexcookiess

Image from Instagram @alexcookiess

6. Vintage Dunedin Orange Poster – Broadway, Rosie’s Tavern

Another example of Dunedin’s citrus past can be found just outside of Rosie’s Tavern (a block south of Cafe Alfresco off Broadway) and is a replica of an actual citrus poster from the 1920s. Pretty cool, eh? Makes for a great photo souvenir for those visiting the area!

Dunedin Citrus Poster Replica Mural by Rosies Tavern from instagram by leahgauntx

Image from Instagram @leahgauntx

7. The Coastal Scene – Main Street

A delightful beach mural graces the side of Dunedin’s Coastal Properties Group building. With two real life Adirondack chairs placed in front of the mural, you know you HAVE to stop and take a photo. What’s unique about this mural is the artist is commissioned to update it seasonally. Check back each season (especially during the holidays) to collect a photo in front of all the scenes.

Coastal Properties Group International Scenic Mural in Dunedin Florida

8. Welcome to Dunedin – Dunedin Marina, Yacht Harbor Best Western

After you’ve visited the main downtown hub, take a walk towards Victoria Place and the Dunedin waterfront. There, you’ll find a fun beach background with Dunedin spelled out in large letters. Notice each letter offers its own unique artwork to depict all Dunedin has to offer. This one is a must-visit to complete your collection.

Dunedin Mural by the Yacht Harbor Best Western in Dunedin, FL

Image from Instagram @jjhirschi

Bonus Stop by the Dunedin Waterfront: Bon Appétit Restaurant’s Mural

Newly added to the downtown Dunedin scene is the Bon Appétit Restaurant mural, which is part of a special public art initiative funded by the Downtown Dunedin Merchants Association (DDMA). In addition to our sister restaurant’s mural, the DDMA funded seven other murals around town too. Learn more about them, here.

Bon Appetit Dolphin Mural


9. Walls of Wonder – Broadway Blvd, across from Rosie’s Tavern

Across from Rosie’s Tavern and on the same building that is home to Cara Cara, Taco Baby, The Beatles Museum and many other fantastic shops is where you’ll find Dunedin’s largest collection of murals. The paintings feature incredibly fun, bright colors making it the perfect backdrop for instagram photos.

Dunedin Mural

Image from Instagram @megcatxo

Image from Instagram @cursleyandbond


Image from Instagram @gabbyfalkenbach


10. US Patriotic Mural – VFW Legion Post 2550, Douglas Ave, Pinellas Trail 

Heading South on Douglas Avenue across from the Blue Jays TD Ballpark is a VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Post. In front, you’ll find an Alligator from WWII and on the backside of the building (facing the Pinellas Trail) is a beautiful mural full of patriotic symbolism and tribute to our armed forces. Looking at this mural brings waves of emotions; from a sense of pride to remembering those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice to feeling grateful for everything it means to be a citizen of the United States of America.  This mural is much more than a picture.

Patriotic Wall Mural in Dunedin Florida

We’re used to seeing the bigger cities in the area get all the mural glory (We’re talking about you, St. Petersburg). But now that we’ve concluded our virtual tour of Dunedin’s murals, we hope you can see that our small-town public artwork is just as noteworthy.

Once you’ve walked all around town, you’ll probably have worked up an appetite. Centrally located to all these mural spots is Cafe Alfresco, home to the last mural on our virtual tour. Located on the outdoor patio, you’ll find the original Cafe Alfresco logo. Snap a pic with our original design and then grab a delicious bite to eat to complete your visit to Dunedin.

What do you think of Dunedin, Florida’s murals? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments.