It’s Comfort Food Fall at Café Alfresco

Last month, as temperatures began to slowly fall, we posed a question to our staff and guests: “what is your favorite Fall comfort food?”

We were amazed to receive dozens of responses to our Facebook post. From tomato sauce simmering on the stovetop to warm chicken noodle soup filling our bellies, Fall flavors are pretty popular among Café Alfresco aficionados!

Check out some of our favorite answers below:

Hear from Ann!

Ann standing in front of the Café Alfresco sign on the patio

“One of the comfort foods I love, especially when I have something to celebrate, is our plate of seared scallops. They’re pan-seared golden brown and are just really tender and delicious to bite into. And it really doesn’t matter the season, but I think ice cream is the perfect comfort food all the time. We have some really great ice cream shops around Dunedin that I love to visit.”

Hear from Kaveh!

Ann standing in front of the Café Alfresco sign on the patio

“The weather in Dunedin is amazing right now – perfect for biking the Pinellas Trail. I usually stop into Café Alfresco before a big ride to fuel up on our chicken sandwich, which is topped with caramelized onions and mushrooms. It’s juicy and flavorful but doesn’t leave me feeling too full when I ride. After a long bike ride, sometimes I’ll return to the Café for our New York Sirloin with garlic herb butter, mashed potatoes, and the house vegetable, which is delicious and goes great with our house Cabernet. It’s the perfect meal for celebrating a new PR.”

Hear from Bruno!

“If I’m not on my feet running from restaurant to restaurant, I’m pretty much catching up on work at my desk, so I need something for lunch that’s filling and tasty enough to get me out of the office. Grouper Sandwich is my go-to because it’s so flavorful and we get really nice and fresh seafood from one of our vendors out of Tampa. Sometimes I’ll go over to Café just to grab a Pepsi and end up walking back with a grouper sandwich – but hey, I’m not complaining.”

Bruno is the Bon Appétit Group Controller

Hear from our Guests!