Emily, a server at Café Alfresco, standing in front of the restaurant's sign

One month into the job and Emily Dietz is already living up to some lofty expectations. As one of Café Alfresco’s newest servers, Emily is surrounded by great role models at work, but she also grew up around the Café’s influence.

It Runs in the Family

“My dad worked here for years and years,” Emily explains. “I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl. So many of the staff members worked with my dad that it truly feels like my co-workers here are family.”

The familiarity of Café Alfresco is what so many, including Emily, love about the restaurant. “I love the food here, and I can say that isn’t just because I work here. I’ve been eating from Café Alfresco for literally half my life.”

Emily’s favorites, in no particular order, are the Cuban sandwich and Monday night’s fried chicken specials. But one item holds a special place in her heart (and stomach).

“Shoutout to Javi and his chocolate bread pudding (pictured below). One day I worked a double and ended up eating it for breakfast and lunch. It is probably my favorite thing on the entire menu,” Emily confesses.

Chocolate bread pudding from Café Alfresco, covered in chocolate syrup and powdered sugar.


A Sense of Community

“The best part about the job is already getting to know repeat customers,” says Emily. “Everybody is so kind and so friendly, this is definitely one of the happiest places I’ve worked.”

What makes it even happier? Located on the Pinellas Trail, the café is down the street from Emily and her daughter’s two favorite places in Dunedin: Edgewater Park and the ice cream shop.

“We love walking through downtown, seeing all of the people and the shops. My daughter loves seeing where I work, and she knows that every time we come down here she gets ice cream, so that may also be a factor.”