Julio stands at the host stand outside Café Alfresco,

Cool as a cucumber, even in the shining Florida sun, Julio stands behind the host stand at Café Alfresco gazing out onto Main Street. His smile grows wide as guests approach, and he turns inside to seat them at their favorite table with their favorite server. When the steady stream of lunchtime patrons thins out, he heads inside to sit with his coworkers as they roll silverware in anticipation of the dinner crowd.

Julio has been working at Café Alfresco since this past summer, and what started as a part-time gig has grown into a meaningful part of his life. “I love the people I work with,” he explains, “they’re just really good people. They go above and beyond to help me and be supportive. Shardai is a great manager and she’s really got my back, so I plan on sticking around for a while.”

Julio tells us that there are a number of things that make a great host, and it’s not just the obvious – although that is important too. “When I started, Shardai had to remind me to smile and stuff,” he says grinning, “it’s a small thing but I would forget sometimes.” He also explains how it is that the host paces the restaurant. “It’s important not to overload any one part of the restaurant since each server has their own section. It’s also important not to overwhelm the kitchen,” he tells us, “I’ve learned how to keep things moving without them going off the rails.” A job, the importance of which cannot be understated heading into the busiest season of the year.


When he’s not hard at work, Julio enjoys some of the perks of Café life, like the employee meal discounts. His favorite food to enjoy is the Chicken Parmesan, which is second to none in his opinion. However, one thing that he says surprises people is that “we aren’t an Italian restaurant. I’m not sure why – maybe it’s the name – but some people are surprised by how big our menu is.” If it’s not the Chicken Parm, Julio’s choice is the Burger, which he says either Max or Jaime makes best. Either way, it’s good eats at Café Alfresco.

Order Up!

  • Chicken parmesan.
  • Man serves a burger from the kitchen of Café Alfresco

While he’s been at Café Alfresco for under a year, Julio already has a preference for his employee-discounted meals.

His first choice, the Chicken Parmesan, is not only his favorite item but it’s one of the most-ordered entrées at the Café! His second-choice would be the Build-A-Burger.

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