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Dog Friendly Downtown Dunedin

[Updated: March 20, 2018]

Did you know Dunedin, Florida, is also known as “Dogedin”? After one visit to the delightful downtown area, it’s easy to understand why. Upon entering the town, you’ll notice several murals showcasing some of Dunedin’s most loveable furry friends. On the weekends, dogs make the best companions for Dunedin Farmer’s Market, seasonal festivals or exploring Dunedin’s many outdoor parks and public spaces. What makes Dunedin truly unique though, is almost all of Dunedin’s awesome restaurants allow your four-legged friends to accompany you in their outdoor spaces. Just remember, the city of Dunedin does not allow pets off-leash. Ensure you and your pet a great time by keeping them on a 6′ hand-held leash at all times.

Here is a list of our 10-favorite dog-friendly places.  Next time you’re looking for something fun to do with your favorite pup, ‘Dogedin’ is the place to be!

  1. Honeymoon Island State Park: The award-winning park features beautiful nature trails and a dog-friendly beach area. 
  1. Hammock Park: Tucked away from the bustling downtown center is a hidden gem. A lush, tree-filled nature preserve with countless trails, bridges and quiet places to think or reflect. You and your pup will find plenty of things to discover and explore.
  1. Pinellas Trail and Dunedin CausewayPerfect for bike rides and dog walks, the Pinellas Trail runs right through Downtown Dunedin. It also connects to the Dunedin Causeway which ends at Honeymoon Island. If you enjoy long walks with your pup, these are two great options to check out.
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Pinellas Trail, Downtown Dunedin

Back in town, there are many dog-friendly places to enjoy a refreshing drink or grab a bite:

  1. Bon Appétit Terrace Café and Sunset PierLocated down by the Dunedin Marina, Bon Appétit restaurant features their full menu on their lovely waterfront terrace patio. When it’s time for sunset, grab your drink and your pup for a picturesque walk out on Sunset Pier (located directly off the terrace area).
  1. Clear Sky Draught HouseOffering a large wrap-around patio, live music and an extensive menu the Clear Sky Draught House is a great place to get together with friends of all sizes. Located right as you enter the Downtown Dunedin District on Main Street.
  1. Dunedin SmokehouseIf you and your pup love BBQ, you’ll have to check out the Dunedin Smokehouse. Their outdoor patio overlooks Main Street, perfect for people watching.

Dog excited to be walking in Downtown Dunedin, FL

  1. Dunedin BreweryA Dunedin staple and Florida’s oldest craft brewery, the Dunedin Brewery is a must-visit when you come to town. Their front patio is dog-friendly with ample seating and water dishes. Head down Douglas Ave. toward Skinner Blvd.; you can’t miss it!
  1. The Honu: Located just off Main Street, on Grant Street, in an adorable lime green bungalow is the Honu restaurant. Offering a fresh, Hawaiian style menu, live music and a relaxed outdoor seating area for you and your dog.
  1. Skip’s TavernRemember the murals I mentioned earlier? Well, Skip’s is home to one of them. It’s been said that Skip’s Tavern is what gave Dogedin it’s start. Located in the heart of Dunedin, Skip’s is home to a low-key dog-friendly outdoor patio, frequented by many locals of both the human and canine variety.
  1. Café Alfresco (Yes, we’re plugging ourselves. It is our blog after all!): Our outdoor patio is also dog-friendly! We feature our full menu out on the patio, including our popular brunch every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and our daily happy hour specials. Since we’re located right next to the Pinellas Trail (and Main Street), we make the perfect walking destination for you and your dog!

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With so many dog-friendly options in “Dogedin,” you’ll have plenty to explore each time you visit. To ensure you and your pup have the best experience possible while visiting Downtown Dunedin, please review the City of Dunedin’s Doggy Dining Rules.  And as a reminder, Pinellas County requires all dogs to be on leash at all times and remember to pick up after your dog too (being slapped with a ticket is never fun). Wait, did I just hear someone say, “Car Ride”?!

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