First, let’s get things straight. This might surprise you, but Café Alfresco in downtown Dunedin, Florida, is actually not an Italian restaurant. The name throws you off a bit, doesn’t it? There are Italian dishes on the menu, but there is so much more than Italian fare. The menu includes classic American cuisine with inspiration from Asian, Cajun French and, yes, Italian food.
Then why “alfresco,” you ask? It means “open air,” and the glass walls and the open-air patio make you feel like you’re dining as if you were at a European restaurant. How continental! The atmosphere is laid-back, even though the servers are hustling to serve guests and give the regulars and newcomers a warm welcome. It somehow adds a nice burst of energy that doesn’t infringe on your relaxation.
So be adventurous with an international-themed dish or play it safe with one of our simple, hearty sandwiches. While you indulge your taste sense, indulge your sight sense by people watching. After all, we are next to the Pinellas Trail. Since we are in a dog-friendly town, expect to see some adorable pooches. And look for butterflies in our garden just outside the east window.
Speaking of great views, I have to mention that glass dessert case! Café Alfresco proudly displays its desserts and it was the first thing I noticed when I walked in for the first time. It’s a gorgeous display and the desserts look and taste amazing. Go ahead and order that slice of cake before you leave. Too full you say? Get it to go!
Well now we have the Italian dilemma solved and explained who and what we are. Since this is a blog and it would be very disappointing if we ended our blog here, stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes food tips and trends from the kitchen.